Introduction to the Swansea Seed Fund

The Challenge

To move from an academic interest to the reality of setting up a small business, young people need help to do that. We know that what young people need is financial and advisory support to help them translate their ideas into a viable business.

The Vision

The vision for the Swansea Seed Fund is to nurture and support young entrepreneurs to take their ideas forward into business start up and to develop the entrepreneur talent pool within the City of Swansea thereby supporting jobs and growth.

How you can help

There are many ways that experienced, socially responsible and committed businesses like yours can help.


The Swansea Seed Fund is being made available to young people aged 16-25 to give them a helping hand by awarding them a grant of up to £500. The Fund has already received some funds, but needs more to help even more young people. A small contribution will go a long way!

Become a customer

Many of the businesses which will be created will need customers from the Swansea area. As a customer, the young businesses would appreciate your feedback on how they do in selling to you. That will be extremely helpful to them.


We realise the importance to new businesses of quality advice and guidance and even more so, for young people embarking on a new venture. Your time in sharing your experience to nurture these young businesses is equally valuable as financial contributions. If you can spare just an hour a week, that would be fantastic!

Other practical help and support There may be other ways you can help - cheap or free premises, access to IT and telephones, providing book-keeping services, are just some of the ways. Your ideas would be welcomed!